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    THIS WEEK'S MESSAGE  FOR 1st  June 2020

    Pentecost    Acts 2 : 1 -11

    Good morning everyone. I trust you are all staying safe and well and able to enjoy the good weather to some extent.

    When you are feeling a bit lost because your normal routine is no longer applicable, just remember the Apostles. They were now totally without Jesus since they knew he had gone to be with his Father. They had yet to understand that he was with them as he had promised. They were all together in a house waiting for whatever it was they had been told would be given to them.

    We are not all in one house but we are all in the same position of waiting for something to change. Something which will lift our spirits and give us hope for the future.

    As they were waiting we read that they were shaken by a strong wind and what seemed like tongues of fire and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. They were able to speak in other languages which meant that everyone around them who had come from different areas, different regions and different countries could understand their message.

    Some would be inspired to become leaders or helpers and others would be 'backroom' people but each was important.

    Before Pentecost the emphasis was on 'ask'. After Pentecost the emphatic word is 'receive'.  Leaders emerged, preaching and healing took place and those people became full of energy and vitality. What had been dormant had been brought to life.

    The same Spirit is available to us. All we have to do is ask and we will receive. Physically we may not be able to do all we would like to do or used to do but nothing should dull the joy of knowing that God's promises are fulfilled. The good news is that we are not waiting for the Holy Spirit - He is waiting for us. His power is available today, right now, if we believe and understand. If we let him the Holy Spirit is here to motivate, to encourage, to give us patience and to work through us not just today but always.

    Be encouraged in these difficult and uncertain times; our Lord's promise is "I am with you always, to the very end of the age".

    Believe and receive from him.

    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.



  • Corona Virus Update:  Following Government guidelines on public gatherings we will temporarily be suspending our normal Sunday services.

    During this difficult period we ask that our fellowship remain in touch and support each other by telephone where possible.  The situation is changing daily, so please check back frequently for any changes to this policy.

    Members of groups that use our premises should contact their respective group leaders for information on their meetings.


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