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     “God Loves So We Care; We Care So We Serve”

    Message for end of July.

    Isaiah 26 : 3

    Trust in the Lord forever; for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal.

    Welcome to all who have been reading these messages.

    Due to circumstances and holidays it is not going to be possible to continue these during August.

    With many of you taking holidays in the UK when you might have been looking forward to sun, sea and sand or terrific views in hills and mountains abroad, just remember God's love is everywhere and his arms reach out in the unexpected places as well as majestic ones.

    Keep taking care of yourselves, your families, your friends and strangers and hold tight to God our Rock, the love and compassion of Jesus our Saviour and the enabling of the Holy Spirit.

    I look forward to being with you again in september.

    May the peace of God hold you close always.



  • Good news! Our Church is open for Covid secure services. 

    We ask that whilst you are in the premises that you comply with the rules regarding Covid security so that we can all remain safe at this time.


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